Event&Broadcast Consultation

Your show will be a success

We at Grassmark work behind the curtains at your event to make the most out of it. But the process of producing a quality show starts already at an earlier phase. We help our clients in every aspect of planning event & broadcast productions from choosing the right location and vital partners to preparing the running orders and directing the show itself. Our resume is solid and our reputation as a trustful partner is strong. You don’t have to be the expert – that’s what we are for :–)

Asking the right
Connecting vital
Superior technical
Delivering results

Strategic process

The people at Grassmark work on your side of the table. We want to understand your needs as a company. Therefore, events and broadcasts are merely a tool for reaching your business goals. We will ask you the right questions and tell you what you need to be successful.

When your needs demand it, we will plug into our large network of vital stakeholders to manage the assignment. Whether you need an OB van, lighting, sound systems, special effects, a streaming platform or just a video camera, we have the right numbers to call. There are also some things that others do better than us. In those situations we don’t hesitate to connect you with the best partner possible.

The backbone of our service has always been our superior technical understanding of broadcasting gear, information technology and electronics. When the system you need does not exist, we can create it. Our continuous R&D work will help us choose and apply the newest technologies in a way that helps you run the event of your life.

To secure a smooth event & broadcast operation we will be happy to direct your show. That way you can be part of the enjoying crowd or work as a producer but without the burden of a heavy workload and a hectic atmosphere. Our event directors have a strong body of work to show and know their way around controlling large crews in a friendly yet assertive manner.

With Grassmark your show will be a success.

Grassmark helps us understand what we really need and what is irrelevant. Jaana Forsberg, Suomen Urheiluliitto